The weather had turned cold, grey and very damp, and Algy felt in need of a wee change of scene. He decided to fly across the water to the sheltered harbour of Tobermory, a village on the Isle of Mull which has the distinction of hosting the only real bookshop for many, many miles around. Tackle & Books (the dark grey and maroon building just to the left of the bright red one) has a good children’s book section, and Algy was delighted to see his own books on sale there 🙂 

Algy found a cold iron railing at the edge of the water and perched there in the drizzly rain, studying the view across the harbour. He thought it was a good thing that the human residents of Tobermory had decided to paint the harbourside buildings in cheerful, bright colours or – on such a summer’s day as this – the scene would have looked very drab indeed…

This post is especially dedicated to Algy’s friend @petrinakent 🙂


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