Algy is busy signing copies of his books this weekend, as he is running a special promotion in his own web bookshop.

***25% OFF RRP for ALL SIGNED BOOKS until midnight Tuesday 14th May ***

Get a unique signed copy of one of Algy’s books at a discounted price, with a personal dedication in your own words for a child, friend or special occasion. Signed copies are only available from Algy’s own shop:

Algy’s Bookshop

The Tales from the Adventures of Algy books are suitable for all ages from approx. 6 years old to 88 (the oldest known reader to date) and are full of the amazing sights, sounds and wildlife of the wild west Highlands of Scotland, with colour illustrations at the head of each chapter.

Shipping is available to most countries of the world, and is charged at cost. Payment via PayPal.


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