Algy perched close to the water, watching each wave as it rolled in and splashed on the rocks around him. No two waves broke in the same way, and it was impossible to guess what the next wave would do. Sometimes a whole series of smaller waves followed one another, scarcely managing to splash at all, and then a much larger one swept in and sprayed him with a shower of salty water. Algy was fascinated by the unpredictability, and time flew past quickly. But it was impossible to play this game for extended periods, as the tide was always changing. Just now it was going out and – as Algy watched – the waves withdrew, so that after a while they no longer splashed him at all. But Algy didn’t mind, because he knew that the tide would soon turn, and the waves would return to splash again…

Algy hopes you are all enjoying a peaceful and relaxing Sunday just watching the waves, either literally or metaphorically 🙂


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