Oooops! Algy’s stupid assistant accidentally deleted this post from yesterday, so Algy said she had to post it again…

It was still blowing a gale, and the waves were taller than the rocks on the beach, but at least there were some periods of brightness between the driving showers of rain mixed with hail (a West Highlands speciality).

Algy tucked himself down behind a rock, and out of the corner of his eye he watched a group of oystercatchers who were sheltering in the lee of the next rock along. Each time a gust of wind swept through between the rocks the birds went tumbling and flapping across the wet sand, but each time they quickly recovered their balance, and took up the same positions again.

Algy tried to make his way back to his nest, but the storm force wind was much too strong for a fluffy bird. He dropped quickly down among the wet rocks at the end of the beach, and leaned back exhausted as the spray hurtled over his head. The sea in the wee bay beside his home was like a churning cauldron, and the surface of the water had turned entirely white, all across the bay. He had never seen anything quite like it before.

Algy was beginning to find the storms very tiring. The light effects were undeniably spectacular at times, and so were the waves, but an Atlantic storm was so much bigger than a fluffy bird, and trying to battle against a severe gale was simply exhausting. Algy leaned back wearily against a sheltering rock and closed his eyes, just listening to the sounds of the wind shrieking past and the waves crashing on the rocks all around him.

Algy wanted to watch the angry sea, but he found that it was impossible for a fluffy bird to withstand the force of the wind, so he wedged himself down tightly into a nook between the rocks, while the waves pounded and crashed and roared all around him.

[Algy apologises for the very jerky nature of this GIF, and he would like to reassure you that the rocks did not in fact move!

Owing to the somewhat challenging conditions for photography, Algy’s assistant was not able to photograph a proper image sequence, nor hold the camera still, and tripods were out of the question without massive sandbags…so this is just a rough slide show to convey some impression of the beginning of the storm.]

Another day, another storm…

When Storm Henry started to batter the west coast of Scotland, Algy took cover behind a large rock, to avoid being blasted across the country to Aberdeen, and watched the waves crashing in across the rocks that lined the edge of the normally sheltered Sound. As each new wave reached the rocks, a terrific explosion of spray shot all the way across the shore, drenching everything with droplets of salty water – including his assistant’s camera…