Algy perched on the grassy banks of the Mill Burn, dangling his toes carelessly over the edge. Despite months of almost perpetual rain – not to mention the frequent hail and sleet – the water was surprisingly clear. It was fun to peer through the pattern of swirling bubbles on the surface to watch the flow of the water over the pebbles down below, and the dance of the sodden grasses and bits of weed that had been carried down the stream and were now caught on the trailing branches of the alder trees. But although he looked very carefully, Algy failed to see any fish. Perhaps the burn flowed too rapidly at this point; the fish were probably sheltering in quieter pools further up the burn. Algy wondered whether he should fly up the hill to look for them, but the bitter north-west wind was so cold and strong, and it was much more exposed up there… he decided that it was a better idea just to sit in this pleasantly sheltered spot, and watch the water flow.

Algy hopes that you will all have a very happy weekend, with plenty of time to sit quietly and watch the water flow 🙂


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