Algy had had quite enough of the outside world for the time being, and although the wind had died down for a wee while, there was nasty, cold sleet falling non-stop out of the dismally grey sky. So – as electriticy supplies had been restored to the local area – Algy asked his assistant if he could please spend the day in her cosy, warm house, and check the proof of the new colour paperback version of his latest book The Tree with a Golden Heart.

Some of Algy’s friends have received a complimentary greyscale copy of this paperback from the first test print run – that is, a paperback with small, black and white images at the head of each chapter. If you are one of those friends, and would like a copy with large colour pictures at the head of each chapter, please be sure to let Algy know! He will be very happy to send you one 🙂

All copies of the paperback edition of The Tree with a Golden Heart on sale at Amazon and other bookshops should be in colour.

You can preview the first chapter of the book on Algy’s own web site at, where you can also buy a signed copy direct from Algy 🙂


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