Algy found a perch in a bare willow tree, and looked out through the veil of lightly falling snow towards the craggy ridge. His little world seemed strangely transformed, and Algy thought of a haiku by Issa:

          Just by being,
          I’m here –
          in the snow-fall.

This post is especially dedicated to Algy’s sweet friend tinktastichana, who is about to end her annual visit to her home in Japan to return to her home in New York. Algy sends Hana and all his friends lots of snowy fluffy hugs xoxo

[ Algy is quoting a haiku by the 18th century Japanese master Kobayashi Issa. ]

And just by being, Algy was in the snow-fall again, almost exactly like this time last year…

Once again, wet snow snow was falling all around Algy’s home, and conditions outside were distinctly unpleasant. So once again, Algy wrapped himself up in his tartan shaw, made sure that his smaller feathered friends had plenty of food to eat, and then perched on a damp branch watching the snow fall and hoping that the winter would not last too long.

Algy hopes that you will keep warm too, if you are in a wintry place this weekend – and make sure to feed the little birds xoxo


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