Despite a rather chilly start to the New Year – and notwithstanding the fact that Algy was feeling a wee bit the worse for wear after his New Year’s Eve Book Launch celebrations in the middle of the night – he nevertheless got up bright and early to distribute copies of his new book to an eager array of creatures who had been queueing in the snow, waiting for the new book to arrive. Many of them were cousins of creatures featured in the story…

If you are one of the eager creatures queueing in the snow, you might like to know that Algy’s new book will be free to download as a Kindle book all round the world on Saturday 2nd January and Sunday 3rd January.

And you can buy signed copies of both Algy’s books – with personal dedication of your choice – at 25% discount off the normal price from Algy’s own bookshop from now until midnight on Monday January 4th, with special giveaways for the first 15 buyers…

There is more information in Algy’s previous post.


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