At midwinter, in the shortest, darkest days of the year, the Atlantic gales continued to rage. Algy took cover in the shelter of the rocks and watched the sea seething and churning all around him. The air was thick with mist and spray, and the world had turned entirely grey; it was hard to remember the lovely colours of spring and summer now. For many weeks past, the wind had almost never stopped howling, and the rain had almost never stopped pouring – if you can call water travelling horizontally at high speed “pouring”.

But Algy knew that the world would turn again, and if he could just find a sufficiently sheltered spot to protect him from the excesses of the winter storms, the days would soon start to get longer and lighter, the flowers would begin to peep out from among the grasses on the dunes, and eventually it might even stop raining and blowing quite so vigorously…

Happy Midwinter, everyone, and if you should happen to live in a stormy place, as Algy does, he hopes that you have a nice, warm, cosy spot to shelter in xoxo

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