Night was falling. Algy was feeling a little less dizzy now, so he decided to start making his way home before it got too dark to see his way. Turning his back on the great sea loch, he flew quickly through the long pass, and down onto the shores of the quiet loch. A new moon was slowly sinking into the last remains of the sunset, and everything was calm. It was an unusually beautiful evening…

Algy has learned that at least one of his Tumblr friends lives very close to the rue Alibert in Paris, and often ate in the cantine where at least 12 people were killed in the attacks last night. It was only by chance that they did not go there last night. People they know have been injured or killed. Algy won’t mention any names, but he is reblogging this calm and beautiful scene for them and for everyone directly affected by the attacks. Algy is thinking of you.

May peace be with you all, and may you find hope in this time of darkness xx


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