Algy perched on a rock, and watched the evening sun go down. The summer – such as it was – had almost ended, and the nights were growing rapidly longer. At such a northerly latitude, the amount of daylight varied hugely over the year, with only a few hours of semi-darkness at midsummer, and very little light at all in midwinter. This meant that in spring and autumn Algy could watch the hours of daylight alter perceptibly from day to day, as the change was so rapid. Although he knew that spring would come again, it seemed a very long way off, and between now and then lay a long, dark winter, for which folk were very poorly prepared in the West Highlands this year, owing to the unusually dismal summer…

So Algy dedicates this post to all his friends in those northern countries for whom the approaching autumn will bring long, long hours of darkness, and a slow, arduous struggle through the winter until the sun returns again. Algy is thinking of you all, and sends you extra special fluffy hugs xoxo

Blog recommendation of the week

This week’s recommendation is a bit different but very special. Oh, did I mention fluffy too? On this blog we can see and appreciate the beauty of Scotland through the eyes of a fluffy bird named Algy, with the help of his assistant, Jenny. His adventures end with him staring at beautiful landscapes, dramatic skies and mesmerizing waters. Playful but with a sincere love for nature photography, this blog is really worth seeing. Oh, and fluffy!

PWS – Nikos

Lots of fluffy thanks again to @photosworthseeing for recommending @adventuresofalgy this week – and a special fluffy hug for Nikos 🙂


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