The Adventures of Algy

Algy feels that as imiging’s aim is to be the most extreme diverse blog in genres, styles, tastes then it would be difficult for imiging to achieve complete representation of the photographic community without the membership of Tumblr’s unique and surprisingly fluffy bird 🙂
Algy’s adventures in the wild West Highlands of Scotland have appeared on Tumblr in photographic form since March 2012, with posts most days. As the inclusion of a fluffy bird in every photo is so unusual – and to some people, weird – some photo enthusiasts and photo curators have failed to realize that in fact all of this work is original photography 🙂 But that’s what it is – and Algy’s adventures have always included GIFs made from sequences of still photos as well as individual photographs.  
Algy is thrilled that imiging are now recognizing the importance of GIFs made from original photos, and thrilled too that they actively support people trying to make a living from the work they show on Tumblr. Algy’s adventures and the related books and merchandise (soon) are his assistant’s only employment now!
[And for those who don’t know, Algy’s assistant is a human female called Jenny Chapman. At present she uses the mirrorless Panasonic Lumix G6 camera.]

Algy must have been asleep on 6th September 2015, because it seems that on that day he had the honour to be made a member of Club Imiging – and he didn’t know it until today! He hadn’t even seen this selection of images, chosen by the imiging team to represent his adventures.

Thank you so much, dear friends at @imiging – Algy is proud to be a member of your club, and sends you all lots and lots of surprisingly fluffy hugs xoxo


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