No more comments on posts :(

Algy is very sad that Tumblr have today removed the speech bubble which enabled comments on posts (except reblogs). He doesn’t know why they did it – and he certainly does not consider that the new email feature is a substitute in any way.

So he’s very sorry, but unless Tumblr can be persuaded to reinstate a commenting feature, Algy won’t be able to leave nice comments on your posts any more. After years of commenting (and receiving many lovely comments himself), this is a very serious loss, and will make Tumblr a sadder place :{

if anyone knows how to get the commenting function back, please tell Algy!

Update: some kind Tumblr friends have written to Algy to say that the reply bubble (or its equivalent) will be back soon. He hopes they are right! This is what Tumblr say:

“What happened to post replies? You’re really asking about the button to make a reply, since the old
ones are still there in post notes where they will live forever and
ever. The button itself went away to make room for something much better
coming soon.”

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