*** New edition of A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird for schools and libraries ***

************* Signed copies with dedications available to buy *************

Some of Algy’s friends wanted to donate copies of his book A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird to their local primary schools, and Algy thought that was an excellent idea for the schools in his own area too 🙂 So his assistants produced a new hardback edition of the book, suitable for schools and libraries; with a glossy, casebound cover it is cheaper and more robust than the deluxe hardback edition. This means there are now three print editions to choose from!

Algy’s assistants are also working hard on creating a wee bookshop on Algy’s own web site, so that you can buy signed copies with special dedications direct from Algy or his assisant. Algy’s bookshop should be ready by late November, in time for Christmas shopping, but if you want to buy a signed copy before the end of November, just send Algy a Tumblr message or use the contact form on Algy’s own web site, and it can easily be arranged 🙂

If you don’t want the book signed, all editions of the book can be bought online from your local Amazon, Barnes and Noble (click on the Hardcover box to see both hardback editions), or The Book Depository – who offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. It can also be ordered (using the ISBN shown below) from any good bookseller, but that is likely to be slower.

Because there are now two different hardback editions, it can be tricky to find the right one at Amazon or Barnes & Noble, as they tend to hide one behind the other. But a search using the correct ISBN will always find the book 🙂

Here are the full details of the different editions:

Deluxe hardback edition, cloth bound with matte dust jacket, superior print quality for text and illustrations:  ISBN 978-1-910637-00-5

Hardback edition for schools and libraries, casebound, gloss laminate cover, standard print quality:  ISBN 978-1-910637-03-6

Paperback edition, standard print quality:  ISBN 978-1-910637-01-2

Kindle ebook ISBN 978-1-910637-02-9 Amazon ASIN B0112SRIVM

p.s. Algy is already working on his second book, and it should not be too long until that is ready too 🙂


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