Algy heard that his special friends at PWS were celebrating their 2nd birthday – and he also heard that it was Oktoberfest time 🙂 So he got out the balloons in proper Oktoberfest style to help you celebrate your birthday. Algy thanks you all for your kindness, your wonderful support for his adventures (and Sunday Selfies!), and your Tumblr friendship over the past two years, and sends everyone at PWS lots of very special and exceedingly fluffy hugs. He hopes that PWS will go on for ever, as it’s his favourite photo reblogging site of all time xoxo

Yes, indeed, it’s Oktoberfest and one third of PWS actually (and obvioulsy) was there already. Thank you so very much for your more than lovely words and this beautiful submission! Lots of fluffy hugs!

PWS – Photos Worth Seeing

Algy is so happy to see that photosworthseeing are getting so many wonderful contributions and comments on this occasion of their 2nd birthday. He was glad that he was able to join in the fun 🙂


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