Algy says we must try to prevent any more scenes like this one.

following two charities work day and night to rescue refugees from the
Mediterranean Sea, and help them recover. In many cases they literally
snatch them out of the water. Please help them save more lives:

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) – Migrant search and rescue in the Mediterranean Sea

MOAS – Migrant Offshore Aid Station

two charities between them have rescued over 20,000 people from
drowning so far this year – men, women, children and babies. On 2nd
September alone – just one day – MSF rescued 1,658 people, of which 199
were children, including many many toddlers and babies, and 547 were

Like those who have been rescued, Algy was very lucky –
he survived his experience at sea, and found a new life in a new land,
as you can read in his children’s book A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird. But many other stories do not end happily, but in tragedy that could have been prevented.

Algy says please do anything at all that you can to help prevent any more scenes like this one.

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