Refugee crisis: what can you do to help

If you have read Algy’s book A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird you will know that Algy understands only too well what it is like to be washed up on a beach. Like so many refugees who are desperately trying to reach safety, Algy too travelled from a faraway land, lost and in danger at sea. But Algy was surprisingly lucky – he did not drown…

In the past couple of days, the world has been shocked by the photos of a
wee refugee boy who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea with his mother and brother – and many other people. It took widespread media
dissemination of images of just one case to finally bring home the truth to millions of lucky
people who are living safely in their own homes. This was not a one-off incident.
This is happening every day. Every single day. This year alone, thousands of men, women and children have already drowned in the Mediterranean while trying to escape war zones and brutal regimes in their native countries. Many, many more undergo horrifying journeys and hardships as they struggle to reach a new land where they may possibly be able to live their lives in peace. Some never make it. Those who are lucky enough to survive the journey often encounter hostility and more hardships when they reach “friendly” countries whose government agencies appear to be scarcely human. But Algy knows that most ordinary people really are kind at heart, and want to help if they can:

The British newspaper The Guardian has published a page about what you can do to help, with many useful links, many of them international. Algy says please do anything you can to help these poor people.

Here is that link again:

Refugee crisis: what can you do to help

Please share and reblog, as many people want to help but don’t know how. If you have other links to agencies in your own country who are providing assistance to the refugees, please add them to your reblogs.

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