With his blog unexpectedly trending on Tumblr, it had been such an
exciting day that Algy felt in need of a calming influence. So when the
sun put in a reluctant appearance in the mid evening, Algy flew down to
the beach and perched beside the water. It was a calm night, and the
waves washed in and out in a leisurely way, entirely unconcerned with
the fame or fortunes of a fluffy bird.

As he observed the constant motion
of the sea, it seemed to Algy that the mighty ocean was always
“trending”, and his own wee moment of fame was entirely insignificant in
comparison – a speck in the ocean, you might say 🙂

Algy leaned back on the barnacled rock in the fading golden
light, and watched the sun sinking slowly down into the cloud bank as he listened
to the waves repeating their ancient song. He felt happy to think that
the waves would still be washing against his rock long, long after the
world had forgotten that a fluffy bird once perched there, sending his adventures out around the world through the mysterious Tumblr ether… 

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