Look, what arrived today! A wonderful book about the adventures of a wonderfully fluffy bird, made by his equally wonderful assistant Jenny. And I’m so anxious to read it!

adventuresofalgy and jennychapmanartwork made my day! Hooray for fluffy birds!

And Algy says “Hooray for wonderful Tumblr friends!” – without you he would be just another lonely fluffy bird flapping in the wilderness…

Algy sends you his fluffiest thanks for buying his book and lots of the exceedingly fluffy hugs xoxoxo

Visit Algy’s web site to find out all about “A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird” and read the first part of the book.

Buy the book online from:

The Book Depository – for free delivery worldwide

Barnes and Noble

UK –


Canada –

Germany –

France –

Spain –

Italy –

Japan –


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