Algy has been very busy posting out parcels to all the kind friends who pre-ordered a signed copy of his book A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird, and he thought that you might like to see a photo of the actual postbox where all those books get posted – more or less at the edge of the known world 🙂 As you can see, the box is not big enough to post very many books at one time, and it is quite a tricky job for a fluffy bird!

Behind Algy’s back lie the sand dunes and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, stretching out into the west, and the dark ridges which you can just see in the background to the north are islands.

In a few weeks’ time, Algy is going to open an Etsy shop, where you will be able to buy signed books and other fluffy things. But if you want to buy a signed copy of the book – perhaps with a dedication to a child – before the Etsy shop opens, just get in touch 🙂 You can use Tumblr mail (if it works!) or the contact form on Algy’s own web site.


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