The area of the lighthouse rocks which Algy loves best is on the more sheltered side, away from the open ocean, but right down beside the sea. It’s necessary to be exceedingly careful down there, as the tide can wash in very fast and the water is deep and dangerous. When the sea is angry, it will smash anyone and anything onto the rocks with great force. But when it is relatively calm, it is safe to perch among the rock pools and watch the waves roll in, with the islands of the Inner Hebrides floating on the horizon. Even then, however, it is essential to keep one eye on the advancing tide at all times!

The rocky headland around the lighthouse provided the inspiration for Chapter 2 of Algy’s book A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird – and the Kindle version of the book is FREE to download from Amazon worldwide all this weekend. Don’t miss it!

Have a lovely weekend everyone – and relax with Algy’s book 🙂


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