The rain had stopped, for a wee while at least, so Algy lost no time in getting back to the piles of books that were waiting for his fluffy signature.

If you are a fluffy bird, signing your name is quite an elaborate process! It requires at least four different, special coloured pencils, and because it is not easy to control a pencil with fluffy wings, it’s necessary to go over the lines time and time again 🙂

Algy is doing his best to get all the signed copies of A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird sent out to the kind people who pre-ordered them as fast as he possibly can. Many have been posted already, and the remainder will be sent out in the next few days.

If you would like to buy a signed copy – with or without a special dedication – and did not pre-order one, please send Algy an Ask on Tumblr, or contact him through the form on his new web site.

Visit Algy’s web site to read the first part of A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird and discover other fluffy delights 🙂


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