Put on your very best summer hat (or winter hat if you live way down south), and join Algy on lovefromalgy on Sunday 12th July to help him to celebrate the launch of his very first book!

KINDLE BOOK PROMOTION – The Kindle ebook version of Algy’s book, normally retailing at £3.99, €6.49 or $5.99 will be a FREE DOWNLOAD ON SUNDAY, as a special promotion for Algy’s Tumblr followers and friends 🙂

COMPETITION – with free paperback copies of the book as prizes. Details will be announced during the party…

FLUFFY SURPRISES – as always at Algy’s Tumblr parties 🙂

YOUR OWN CONTRIBUTIONS – as usual, Algy invites you to send your fluffy friends or any kind of celebratory image to join the party and help him celebrate. Submissions to lovefromalgy – submit your own original images any time between now and Sunday night, July 12th. Or post on your own blog, but be sure to send Algy a link, as he doesn’t always manage to see everything.

Too hot? Algy will provide cooling refreshments and Scottish Highland breezes 🙂

Too cold? Algy will provide fluffy hugs 🙂

SUNDAY 12TH JULY – DON’T MISS IT!  And please share with your friends and followers. This is a once-in-a-fluffy-lifetime event! Algy will never launch his first book again…


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