As Algy watched the sun sink down, and waves of darkness stole quietly across the loch, he began to observe a strangely hypnotic phenomenon. Of course he was exceedingly tired after his arduous flight along the river, and the light in the gloaming is always tricky and apt to deceive. It’s only too easy to imagine that you are seeing strange things when twilight falls in the West Highlands, even if you are wide awake. Nevertheless, it seemed to Algy that all was not entirely as he might have expected it to be… He was too exhausted to remain alert, or even to stay awake for longer than a few moments at a time, but as he dozed to the rhythm of the flickering light, he wondered drowsily whether it was really entirely wise to fall asleep at this time…

This GIF was selected for the amazing imigif day curated by imiging. Submit your own creation to join the party next month. GIF it to us!

As many of Algy’s friends will know, Algy has always been very keen on animated GIFs, and many of his adventures have appeared as GIFs. So he was really delighted to discover today that one of the major photo curation blogs imiging was starting a monthly celebration of GIFs on the 1st day of each month. Algy feels that GIFs made from original photography have too often been ignored by the photographic community – GIFs are photographs too! At least they are the way Algy makes them – from a series of still photos.

So Algy is very pleased with imiging 🙂 And he is looking forward very much to seeing all the other wonderful GIFs that they post each month.

Of course Algy was even more thrilled to find (later in the day) that imiging had chosen one of his GIFs to include in their own selection to launch this exciting new monthly feature.

Algy sends fluffy thanks and lots of fluffy hugs to his friends at imiging xoxo


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