The gale had passed for the time being, and the world was calmer for a while. Algy perched on a seaweed-covered rock and watched the constantly changing pattern of the quietened waves swirling smoothly on the sand around him. In this very gently sloping area of the beach, the water was rarely very deep, so it remained semi-transparent, providing some beautiful sea colours in the right light.

Algy would like to dedicate this video to all his friends who need a calming, soothing influence in their lives just now xoxo

[Algy apologises for the wind noise on the soundtrack – it may be calm, but it’s not that calm!]

Can any video experts out there – tvoom perhaps? – tell Algy’s assistant why all her videos appear much darker once they are loaded to Tumblr than they do when the same videos are simply played on her computer, on the same screen? So far, all attempts to compensate for this have failed.


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