On Friday morning, Algy woke to the sound of the robin singing a joyful song, and remembered that it was the International Day of Happiness! As the morning advanced, a strong wind started to blow from the north, and very soon it had cleared most of the grey clouds away. So Algy flew up to a high point on the headland, and perched on a prominent rock, with the bitter wind whistling through his feathers. The air was bitingly cold, but the view of the ocean was magnificent. Algy lifted up his head and started to sing his own song of happiness, to the words of one of his favourite happy poems:

          I will be the gladdest thing
            Under the sun!
          I will touch a hundred flowers
            And not pick one.

          I will look at cliffs and clouds
            With quiet eyes,
          Watch the wind bow down the grass,
            And the grass rise.

Have a wonderful day of happiness, everyone, and a happy weekend ahead xoxo

[Algy is singing the first two verses of the poem Afternoon on a Hill by the 20th century American poet Edna St. Vincent Millay.]

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