Algy’s birthday was unusually sunny and calm, and Algy spent a wonderful birthday afternoon out on the headland, watching the waves rolling in from the Atlantic ocean causing turmoil around the rocks. In this one area only, breakers form (on the right) although this is deep water and there is no beach in sight. The rock out in the water on the left is in fact an inaccessible island – inaccessible, that is, except for birds and seals 🙂

[ This video was produced in a hurry, and Algy did not bother to edit the sound. He decided to leave the soundtrack on, as he thought you might like to hear the sound of the waves crashing, although they are quite distant. But you can also hear the wind hitting the mic and some extraneous noises, for which he apologises 🙂 ]

This is full HD video and so best viewed in HD (click button lower right in video window) and full screen, but it may take a wee while to load…


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