Algy clung tightly to the knobbly branches, riding the gale in his favourite tree. He was wearing his shades, of course, to block out the worst effects of the driving Scotch mist and the howling wind, and to ensure that he was able to maintain his sangfroid… Suddenly, above the roaring of the wind, Algy heard a thrilling sound which lifted his spirits high: on a branch just above his head, a song thrush was singing, blithely competing with the sounds of the storm…

Algy hopes that you will all manage to maintain your cool over the weekend, and that even if conditions are particularly trying, you will experience some moments of unexpected delight 🙂

Happy weekend, everybody xoxo

[ Some of Algy’s friends may remember this GIF from almost exactly a year ago… This slightly reworked version accurately represents conditions today, except that today it is both much wetter and much windier than it was then, and thus quite impossible to use a camera outside. ]


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