The wind had swung round to the north-west, bringing a quite different kind of weather. Suddenly all the mist was gone, and in its place came battering showers of hail and sleet, interspersed with brief intervals of bright but chilly sunshine. The clouds shot across the sky at considerable speed, so that one moment it was dark and in the next the land was bathed in light. Algy loved to watch the sea in these conditions, but it was bitterly cold on the beach, so when the sun started to come out for a few minutes he found a soft spot in which to soak up such warmth as he could. The dunes had been lashed all winter by a succession of storms, and their shape had changed considerably. Many of the edges had collapsed… but that provided some nice soft areas of sand for fluffy birds to nestle in 🙂

Algy hopes that you will all have some moments of sunshine this weekend, and find a sheltered place to rest in xoxo

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