Algy wanted all his friends to have flowers on Valentine’s Day, so he looked around to see what he could find. The snowdrops were flowering in his assistant’s garden, but he didn’t think it would be right to pick them. Inside the porch he found a broken hyacinth stem covered in fragrant pink flowers, so he lifted it carefully to give to his hyacinth-loving friends, such as funnyful 🙂 He still needed to find some more flowers though…

Algy will be holding his special Valentine’s Day party tomorrow on his sideblog lovefromalgy – to make quite sure that all his friends get flowers and fluffy hugs, and no-one is left out. Algy heard that some people didn’t approve of Valentine’s Day, but he thinks it’s an excellent opportunity to make sure that everyone knows that they are appreciated and loved – and that they all get some pretty flowers to brighten up the end of the winter!

So Algy says please forget about all the commercial nonsense – and don’t worry about romance… just join him tomorrow to share some love, flowers, and fluffiness 🙂

Submissions invited today and all day tomorrow – please use the lovefromalgy submission form – or send Algy a link to one of your own posts to reblog. Beautiful flowers and fluffy friends are especially welcome xoxo


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