The Gender of a Fluffy Bird

Algy was thrilled to discover recently that the name “Algy” is assumed to be feminine in Portugese – and no doubt in other languages too. The question then arose of Algy’s gender. Unfortunately, the English language only contains the pronouns “he” “she” and “it”. Obviously Algy is not an “it”, and in English the name Algy is usually assumed to be masculine. So Algy has been referred to as “he”.

However, this is only as a result of the inadequacies of English, which has no pronoun for a fluffy creature. In reality, Algy (who is not fictional, no matter what Facebook may say) is neither male nor female – and is most certainly not an inanimate object “it”. Algy is simply a surprisingly fluffy bird. For convenience and consistency, however, Algy will continue to use the pronoun “he”, without prejudice as the lawyers say, when writing in “his” non-native English 🙂

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