There had been another massive storm overnight, with thunder crashing and lightning flashing, constant bombardments of freezing sleet and hail, and gale force winds howling across the land and hurling everything about… everything that was still left to hurl, that is. In this exceptionally stormy winter, most things that could blow away – or down – or apart – had already done so.

And yet another severe gale was forecast for the night ahead… But for an hour or two in the mid-afternoon the wind dropped down to a tolerable level, and the sleet turned to rain and moderated its force. So Algy perched on a rock by the Sound in the rain, and gazed at the strange, stormy light on the water. He thought about all his many friends in different places around the world, and wondered what it would be like to be where they were, right now…

What is it like where you are, right now?


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