The next day dawned even greyer than the day before, but Algy didn’t care! He had been enjoying the fluffiest and most wonderful Tumblr party imaginable and – to top it all – he had reached the target in his crowdfunding campaign during the party! It was without a doubt the most Surprisingly Fluffy Party!

As soon as it was light again – or as light as it was likely to get on such a day – Algy leaped into the air to perform a Happy Balloon Dance of Joy :))) What else could he possibly do?

And it is YOU – Algy’s amazing friends – who have made all of this possible. Algy sends you all his fluffiest possible thanks, and an ENORMOUS number of fluffy hugs xoxoxoxoxo

Every single contribution of any kind to Algy’s campaign has made a difference to its success. The smallest financial contributions and the largest and all those in between… and every single reblog of his campaign posts or promotion on other social media platforms… and every single kind message of good luck and encouragement when Algy was feeling low… every one of these things has contributed to the fact that Algy managed to reach his funding target.

Algy has no wish to bother you again with appeals for financial help, but here’s a special message for anyone who really does want a signed copy of the paperback or hardback edition of his first book, which is due to be published in late March/April:

No further signed copies of Algy’s first book will be offered after the campaign closes, so if you really would like a signed copy, PLEASE BE SURE TO ORDER IT AT SPONSUME NOW!

The campaign officially closes on the afternoon of Wednesday 7th January (Scottish time) but Algy doesn’t quite trust Sponsume timekeeping, so please assume that it closes at the end of TOMORROW, your time – i.e. at the end of Tuesday 6th January.

(Algy apologises for the poor image quality of this GIF – photographic and weather conditions were a wee bit tricky…)


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