And now, to complete Algy’s Surprisingly Fluffy Party… Algy’s Surprisingly Fluffy Giveaway Prize Draw…
(With apologies for the slight delay!)

Here is the full list of the lucky winners, shown in the order in which Algy drew their names out of his hat. Algy will be contacting you shortly to confirm your postal addresses. Congratulations to you all – Algy hopes very much that you will like your prizes :))

This has been the very best and fluffiest party ever, with fantastic participation from so many of Algy’s friends, and the amazing achievement of passing Algy’s campaign target during the party.

Algy is just overwhelmed by your kindness – he sends you all at least a million fluffy hugs, and wishes you all a very good night xoxoxo

[Algy is listening to Body and Soul as performed by the Benny Goodman Trio in 1935]


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