Wow! Very Nearly There!

Algy has had a truly fantastic weekend and a fabulous day so far today – and his campaign has almost reached its target…

Less than £50 to go!

Thanks to your amazing support, there is now less than £50 to go… (at 7 p.m. GMT on Sunday 4th January).

Will Algy reach his target this evening, during his Surprisingly Fluffy Party? That would be so wonderful!

If you want to be the one to push Algy over the target threshold, head on over to Algy’s Sponsume page now.

And a million of the fluffiest hugs to all those who have helped Algy reach this point and made it all possible. Thank you all very, very much! Algy doesn’t speak American, but he thinks the correct phrase in these circumstances is “You All Rock” :)))  xoxoxoxo

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