Algy’s balloons were stuck in a tree… He couldn’t quite reach them, and it was nearly time for his fluffy party to celebrate the finale of his crowdfunding campaign to publish his series of children’s books Tales from The Adventures of Algy...

And Algy’s crowdfunding campaign was stuck just beneath it’s target… and it was nearly time for the campaign to close…

Algy needs your help to free his balloons and reach his target… can he count on you?

Are you going to help Algy??

This is the very last weekend of Algy’s campaign, which closes in a few days’ time. He’s nearly there…will you be a part of this exciting project and help Algy reach his target?

This is your last chance to be part of Algy’s unique project.

And this is your last chance to acquire a signed copy of Algy’s first book “A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird” (due to be published in late March/April), or art prints and prints of the illustrations at a discounted price, or – for surprisingly fluffy sponsors – A Surprisingly Fluffy Book, with an exclusive and unique fluffy cover.

N.B. No further signed copies of the book will be offered after the campaign closes, so if you would like a signed copy, ORDER IT NOW!

The Surprisingly Fluffy Book, for collectors, is also exclusive to this campaign and will not be offered again. Only five will ever be made…

Some of Algy’s merchandise is also still available, and of course donations are always welcome :))

So head on over to Algy’s Sponsume page before it’s too late, and be a part of this unique project! Every contribution counts!

And to all those who have already contributed and become a part of Algy’s project, Algy sends a million fluffy hugs – check out Algy’s Fluffy Hugs page to see the full list of wonderful backers xoxoxo


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