On New Year’s Day, Algy always indulges in the daft Scottish custom of the “Loony Dook”… in other words, jumping in and out of the freezing cold sea…

On 1st January 2015 the weather in the West Highlands was utterly impossible – dense, dark Scotch mist, howling winds, and persistent, torrential rain. So Algy decided to imagine what it should be like… and created his 2015 Loony Dook from a reworked version of a happier day’s dooking last January (an event which many of his newer followers may not have seen before). This is what New Year’s Day ought to look like!

Algy wishes you all a truly happy day today, and a truly happy year ahead xoxoxo

p.s. Algy’s crowdfunding campaign is nearing its goal, with only a few days left to go… At 1st January he has raised a wonderful 86% of his target through your amazingly kind contributions. He’s nearly there…will Algy manage to reach his target?? If you have not already contributed please help Algy reach his target, and receive a million fluffy hugs from Algy as well as any “reward” you care to choose. (N.B. Every “reward” will be delivered, whether Algy reaches his target or not.)

Thank you all so much!


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