Don’t Forget! Algy’s Surprisingly Fluffy Party is on Sunday 4th January.

You are all invited! Submit a surprisingly fluffy photo through the lovefromalgy submission form or send Algy a link to reblog. Here are the details again…


Just when you thought you could relax…

Algy invites you ALL to A Surprisingly Fluffy Party to thank you all for your support and celebrate the conclusion of his crowdfunding campaign. The party will take place next Sunday January 4th 2015, on Algy’s sideblog lovefromalgy from 11 a.m. Sunday through to 2 a.m. Monday, so that everyone around the world can join in.

Please submit a surprisingly fluffy photo or a surprisingly fluffy text using the lovefromalgy submission form – or send Algy a link to reblog from your own Tumblr – to participate in the fun and the prize draws… or just come along to lovefromalgy to watch. All submissions will be published unless they are unsuitable for fluffy birds! Submissions are open now and will remain open until midnight (GMT) on Sunday January 4th. Your contributions will be scheduled to be published throughout the duration of the party. Multiple contributions are welcome… within reason :)))

When you submit, be sure to indicate which giveaway prize draws you would like to enter. Just enter the details in the description box, and choose from any or all of the following:

  • Algy’s Happy Dance mug
  • Algy’s painting mug with fluffy hugs text on back
  • Algy’s desk calendar with closeup images of Algy
  • Algy’s A5 notebook with Algy painting cover, blank pages
  • Algy’s square photo magnet

These are all shown in the lower part of the image above. You can enter as many of the giveaway prize draws as you like, but each name will only be entered into each draw once :))

Your Tumblr names will be placed into a hat and the giveaway prize draws will take place towards the end of the party – precise details to be announced soon. The Tumblr names of the winners will be published on lovefromalgy and winners will of course need to supply their postal addresses to receive their prizes.

Any questions just ask :-)))) And spread the word!

And please don’t forget… if you can spare the price of a cup or coffee or a wee dram please help Algy reach his target – there are still lots of lovely rewards available :-))) Every contribution really does help, no matter how small.


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