The Adventures of Algy is a very fluffy blog which I have been following since my introduction to Tumblr.  Jenny sent me this sweet picture of Algy looking at my Tumblr blog and said “Algy was fascinated by the way the reflections of the trees and bushes here in the West Highlands interact with your gorgeous artwork on the screen. He hopes you will like it too. At least he managed to make your colours glow!” Indeed he did and my heart too 🙂

Algy enjoys looking at your wonderful digital artwork, because he truly does!”

Jenny, creator of Algy, has been an active supporter of my blog/work. She has sent me thoughtful criticism and compliments which have, at times, brought me out of a dark place.  She is one of the very rare followers who makes my time on Tumblr more rich.

At this moment, there is a campaign on,, to make it possible for Jenny and Algy to create a line of books for children, “Tales from The Adventures of Algy.”  Reading books to my child when she was young is truly one of my most fond memories.  I hope to read Algy’s Tales to my grandchildren someday.  

I encourage you all to make this possible for everyone!  Help spread the sweetness and, of course, the fluffiness!  

Go to and do whatever you can.

May your new year start with a fantastically fluffy feeling!

If Algy could blush – which actually he cannot – he would certainly be blushing now!

Thank you so much, dear Stefanie stefaniejasper for this wonderful promotion and your sweet words. Your support and your kindness is hugely appreciated. Algy sends you lots and lots of fluffy hugs xoxoxo


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