It was a dreich late December day, cold and damp and gloomy, and Algy was feeling cold and damp and gloomy too. He decided to fly down to the Mill burn, to perch in one of his favourite spots in the old alder tree which overhung the water.

As Algy gazed at the water gurgling around the tree’s roots while it passed by on the final stage of its journey to the sea, he thought about his crowdfunding campaign. The wonderful kindness of those friends who had already contributed made him feel warm and fluffy, but he was worried about the progress of the campaign. Of course he was determined to publish his stories for children no matter what happened, but the lack of adequate funds was concerning. Algy realised that some of his friends simply couldn’t spare any money (although one or two of those had very kindly contributed regardless!) – but it seemed that other friends who followed his adventures regularly, and who he was sure could spare at least the price of a cup of coffee without noticing the difference – were apparently not interested. This was disconcerting for a fluffy brain, and Algy felt discouraged and sad. Perhaps they didn’t really like his Adventures after all…

Algy felt especially perplexed by his American friends (with a few notable exceptions!), because he had always believed that Americans were generous people, and so many of his American friends had expressed enthusiasm for his Adventures. As he understood it, crowdfunding was actually an American invention, and a common and popular way of funding projects in the USA. And yet only seven of Algy’s numerous American friends had so far made any contribution to his project, while many more friends – and strangers – in Europe and elsewhere (who were less accustomed to crowdfunding) had responded generously and enthusiastically. Had he made a trans-Atlantic faux pas? Of course it was a dark and gloomy day, and everyone in the northern hemisphere was feeling depressed at this lowest point of the year, but it was all very puzzling and worrying…

So if you have not already contributed – and if you enjoy Algy’s adventures on Tumblr – please take a moment to consider whether you couldn’t spare a little loose change to help a fluffy bird in the wild West Highlands of Scotland publish some of his Tales from The Adventures of Algy... Every single contribution, large or small, really does help and is truly appreciated!

Algy’s crowdfunding campaign runs until the afternoon of 7th January 2015, on the British crowdfunding site Sponsume.

In case you missed Algy’s cute campagin video, which was published at the start of the campaign in November, he will reblog it immediately after this post 🙂

Thank you xoxo


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