Gray-Card gray-card very kindly suggested to Algy that he make a “top 5” set of images to help promote Algy’s crowdfunding campaign. The campaign certainly has been the highlight of Algy’s year, and the support and encouragement from all his friends has been absolutely fantastic. Algy sends his very fluffiest thanks to you all xoxoxo

Please help Algy reach his target – there are lots of lovely rewards available :-))) Every contribution really does help, no matter how small. On the date of this post, 27th December, Algy has raised 70% of his target…

If just 5% of Algy’s Tumblr followers who have not yet contributed could spare the price of a cup of coffee, Algy’s campaign would reach its target. Could you please spare a couple of pounds… or dollars… or euros… or anything… to help fund the production costs of Algy’s children’s book series Tales from The Adventures of Algy?

The campaign ends on 7th January 2015.

And please signal boost – on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, anywhere at all… to help spread the word to more people. Thank you, and lots of fluffy hugs to you all xoxoxo

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