As it wasn’t really raining very much, Algy asked his assistant if he could please borrow her laptop for a moment, to check the progress of his Sponsume crowdfunding campaign.

When Algy opened the computer and looked at the screen, he could hardly believe his eyes. His campaign had passed the half-way mark and was now 57% funded. Algy was so excited he didn’t know what to do with himself!

Algy sends a huge thank you and a million fluffy hugs to all his friends who have already contributed and helped the campaign reach this exciting point xoxoxo

If just 10% of Algy’s Tumblr followers who have not yet contributed could spare the price of a cup of coffee, Algy’s campaign would reach its target. Could you spare a couple of pounds… or dollars… or euros… or anything… to help fund the production costs of Algy’s children’s book series Tales from The Adventures of Algy?

Please help Algy reach his target – there are lots of lovely rewards available :-))) Every contribution really does help, no matter how small.

And please signal boost – on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, anywhere at all… to help spread the word to more people. Thank you!

N.B. One of Algy’s friends asked what would happen if the target was not reached – would the books still be published, and would people who had contributed still get their rewards? Of course they will! A fluffy bird never goes back on his word. If the target isn’t reached, the first book will be published as planned, but Algy’s assistant will have to dig deep into whatever pockets she can find to make up the shortfall as best she can…

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