Algy was feeling battered and exhausted by the recent “weather bomb”, although his spirits were improving now that the storms had passed for the time being. As he leaned back on the rocks in the bitter wind, gazing at the snow-capped peaks of the Isle of Rum in the distance, he thought of all his friends around the world…

Algy misses all your lovely images on Tumblr, and wishes very much that he could keep in touch with you all again… But alas, like many other households in this storm-struck area, Algy’s assistant’s house still has no internet or phone connection, and his assistant can only visit the virtual world very briefly each day, at a friend’s house…

So in the meantime Algy sends you all lots of extra fluffy hugs, and hopes you are keeping warm and happy xoxo

p.s. It seems that not all Tumblr messages are getting through. If you have sent a message to Algy and not received a reply, please try the email link on Algy’s menu icons instead.

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