Algy’s Mid-Campaign Update

Algy’s crowdfunding campaign to fund the production and publication of his forthcoming children’s books series Tales from The Adventures of Algy has almost reached the half-way point, so he felt that it was time to provide all his kind friends and supporters with an update.

The campaign got off to a wonderful start in the first two weeks, with pre-orders of books, donations, and purchases of Algy’s Christmas gifts from many kind friends on and off Tumblr. But in the stormy third week the campaign hit the rocks, and temporarily ground to a halt, like so many other things have done here in the past week, when 5,000 lightning strikes were recorded in northern Scotland and the Western Isles in just two days…

On 13th December 2014 £943.64 (GBP) has been raised, out of a target total of £2500. It’s a fantastic start, but there’s still a way to go…

Algy is now hoping that his campaign will be able to refloat in due course, and maybe sail home triumphantly after Christmas. The campaign runs until 7th January 2015, and he is planning an exciting finale for the final weekend… providing, of course, that there is some electricity here to power it…

Check out Algy’s campaign page at Sponsume – there are lots of nice things there, some exclusive to this campaign.

Please signal boost – on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, anywhere at all…

If you would like to track the progress of Algy’s campaign without visiting Sponsume, the Sponsume panel on Algy’s Fluffy Hugs page is updated in real time, and shows the campaign total and progress bar.

Fluffy hugs to you all xoxoxoxo


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