Algy hopes that you will forgive this wee bit of advertising, but he has just received these lovely calendars and time is very short if you require delivery before Christmas. There are only 10 of these large calendars available for sale, and it’s unlikely there will be any more – so if you want a chance to spend a year in the beautiful West Highlands of Scotland in the company of a fluffy bird, please don’t delay :-))

This unique calendar is only available to buy from Algy’s crowdfunding campaign page at Sponsume, and will be shipped direct from Algy’s home. Smaller desk calendars with the same set of images are also available at Sponsume, at a lower price.

Please be aware that there are already postal delays for the holiday season here in the UK, so don’t delay if you would like to buy Algy’s calendars, mugs or jigsaw puzzles as Christmas gifts – especially if you live overseas.

[Algy is very sorry that PayPal fees get added to the prices at Sponsume, but unfortunately this is a Sponsume policy beyond his control.]

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