How Big is Algy??

First, Algy would like to thank you all very much indeed for your wonderful and heartwarming response to yesterday’s post. Your kindness and enthusiasm are so infectious that Algy and his assistant can hardly contain their own excitement now :-)) Great big fluffy hugs for you all XOXOXO

Algy would also like to thank the very kind Portrait tag editor. It is indeed an honour for a fluffy bird and his raggedy assistant to be recognised in this way. Thank you!

Second, Algy would like to respond to all those friends who remarked upon his size (and the size of his assistant!).

For the avoidance of any further doubt, accurate measurements have now been taken, and Algy can confide that he currently measures 28" (71cm) from the bottom of his feet to the top of his fluffy yellow head feathers, and has a wingspan of 25" (63 cm). But it’s quite possible that he has not yet stopped growing…

Algy’s assistant, on the other hand, measures 63" (160cm) from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head, not including her fluffy auburn head feathers, and has a wingspan of 66" (168cm). It is almost certain that she has stopped growing, although of course one can never be quite sure…

So Algy is not exactly small, and his assistant is not exactly large, but their relative sizes in yesterday’s photo were probably distorted somewhat by the effect of foreshortening or (unintentional) forced perspective, and by the fact that Algy was all fluffed up 🙂

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