Have you ever considering making Algy a children’s book series? I honestly believe that he will be very, very popular. Possibly even the next Dr. Sues series.

Dear Anonymous, although Algy is currently somewhere over the rainbow, a passing seabird conveyed your lovely message to him, and he is absolutely thrilled that you think so highly of him :-)) He sends you his warmest thanks and a very big fluffy hug xoxo

Algy has considered a number of publishing ideas, but so far he has had difficulty deciding exactly which one(s) to pursue. His assistants are already working on Algy apps, but book publishing ideas are still up in the air, like the rainbow 🙂

Algy (and his assistants) would be very interested in the views of other followers on this topic. Would you like to see Algy appear in a children’s book series? Or in some other kind of printed publication? Would you enjoy Algy apps?

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