Algy’s friend Pete of tvoom recently “tagged” him to publish five random facts about himself, but Algy thought that maybe his invisible assistant should be included too, so…

Five random facts about Algy:

  1. Algy’s eyes are bright blue.
  2. Algy likes to take things easy, and tries to avoid work as often as possible 🙂 Sometimes he hides in the bushes so that his assistant won’t ask him to do difficult and dangerous things!
  3. Algy is of uncertain age, but like most fluffy birds he is probably much older than he looks. He can’t remember when he was born as he was just a tiny chick at the time…
  4. Algy loves the sea. However, although Algy can fly, he can’t swim. He is happy on the ground or in the air, but is in danger of his life if he falls into the water.
  5. Algy reads poetry and likes playing with old-fashioned toys 🙂
  6. Free extra fact: Algy loves all his wonderful Tumblr friends xoxo

Five random “facts” about Algy’s assistant, in Algy’s view:

  1. Algy’s assistant’s eyes are brown.
  2. Algy’s assistant rarely stops working: she expects everyone to work hard – especially Algy! – and often demands impossible feats in horrible weather. Boo hoo :-{{{
  3. Algy’s assistant is of uncertain age, but definitely a lot older than many people assume. She can’t remember when she was born, but she can remember a world that was different in many ways.
  4. Algy’s assistant loves the sea. Algy’s assistant can’t fly, and really doesn’t care to leave the ground at all… However, she can swim, but the sea in the West Highlands is much too cold for swimming and turns people blue.
  5. Algy’s assistant reads poetry and likes playing with old-fashioned toys 🙂
  6. Free extra fact: Algy’s assistant loves all Algy’s (and her own) wonderful Tumblr friends xoxo

Algy loves to read all your own “random facts” too. So he is going to cheat and “tag” all his friends who have not recently published five facts about themselves. He would love to know more about you ;-))

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