Oh No, Not MORE Technical Problems …

No sooner had Algy resumed his Adventures, than the phone line used to post them went down. It’s back at present, but it’s very dodgy and crackly, and it may fail completely at any time.

In this remote area, Algy’s assistant is dependent upon a fixed landline to connect to the internet, and it can take some time to get someone out here to sort out problems. The engineer will not be coming until next Tuesday (19th August). There is no mobile signal, so there is no mobile phone to use instead.

So if there is another interruption to Algy’s adventures over the next few days, please forgive him, and be patient just a wee bit longer. Eventually all will be well – he hopes!

If the line holds up, Algy’s Adventures will continue without further interruptions, but if the line fails Algy should be back again in the middle of next week sometime. Sorry!

It never rains but it pours… and that is probably precisely the problem. Phone line faults in this exceedingly wet area are frequently caused by water in the connection boxes underground…

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