Algy Apologises for the Interruption to his Adventures

Algy offers his sincere apologies to all his friends for this temporary interruption to his Adventures. The computer that Algy’s assistant uses for processing his adventures is failing without warning at increasingly frequent intervals and is no longer fit for purpose. Unfortunately it will have to be retired and replaced…

Algy would like to reassure you that the presentation of his Adventures will be resumed at normal frequency as soon as possible, and in the meantime Algy’s assistant will try to use an alternative machine whenever she can, so that Algy is not entirely absent from your screens.

Please don’t think that Algy has forgotten you – this is not the case at all :)) He is simply the innocent victim of a technical fault. He hopes that you will not forget him while his Adventures remain interrupted and sporadic.

By a strange twist of fate, this is Algy’s 500th post on Tumblr. It was supposed to be a celebratory post – but that will now have to wait until the 501st …

Algy sends you all extra fluffy hugs, just in case XOXOXO


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